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asphalt road paving

Installing asphalt pavement for roads is often referred to as ‘Mainline’ paving and consists of long stretches of open road with minimal amounts of bumpouts, intersections, drives, and hard to reach areas. ‘Mainline’ paving is typically conducive to the highest productivity rates as asphalt pavers are built for such an application and the need for handwork is minimized or completely eliminated. The primary obstacle a Mainline paving crew comes in contact with is traffic. Though traffic maintenance may be handled entirely separately from the paving crew in terms of work forces and other resources, it still can affect productivity. The paving crew, machine, and trucks must have sufficient space to operate safely, efficiently, and without distraction from the local traffic flow. If the road being paved is only 2 lane and cannot be closed for construction, traffic flaggers are often required to stop and start traffic from either direction and reroute them around the paving operation.

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