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curb excavation

The trench for excavating a future concrete curb is typically rather shallow, approximately 2-3’ wide and 1-2’ deep depending on the section view of the proposed curb and the existing grades. The typical crew for excavating curb will consist of an operator and a laborer. The equipment required will be a backhoe or excavator.  The laborer is present as a second set of eyes for the operator and for assisting with vertical and horizontal control of the excavation.

Excavating for curb is typically adjacent to an existing or future road, pavement, or sidewalk. Layout stakes will usually be required prior to excavation, delineating where the concrete curb will be placed. The trench should be wide enough for the future curb crew to be able to install their forms and stakes, or for the slip form curb machine to be able to move along with its slip form attachment in the trench. It’s common for a concrete curb to have an aggregate base of 2-6″ installed and compacted underneath and this task is sometimes completed along the course of the excavation.

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