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fascia board

Fascia  boards are utilized on homes or buildings with trussed or built rafters and serve the purpose of covering the exposed ends. Fascia boards also provide a structurally sound attachment point for gutters and downspouts. The fascia will reduce the chance and onset time of weathering and decay and provides a clean pleasing aesthetic appearance. The most commonly used fascia material utilized for it’s economical advantage is wood (typically #2 spruce, pine, or fir). Economical wood species will often require priming, painting, and routine maintenance. Cedar is sometimes chosen despite it’s slightly higher cost because of it’s weather resistance and rustic look. Wood fascia board is also commonly covered in vinyl or aluminum, extending the life of the underlying wood considerable while providing a neat clean aesthetic look.


Composite lumber may also be used as a durable, long term, low maintenance solution for fascia boards as well, albeit a higher up front cost.

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