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masonry lintels

Lintels are utilized in masonry construction to transfer the wall loads to either side of a window or door opening. Lintels may be one of the following:


Steel plate and beam – A steel I-Beam above and often welded to a steel plate below, spanning the opening and often receiving thin specialty bricks on either side of the steel beam to conceal it. Most commonly used for block walls

Precast – A precast steel reinforced lintel structure which often extends all the way to the face of the wall.


Lintel Block & Reinforcing Bars – Specialty lintel blocks filled with reinforcing bar and grout, often shored or with a plate underneath, until the grout cures enough to support the weight of the masonry wall above


Double Steel Angle – Two steel angles placed back to back and often welded spanning the opening. Commonly used for simple non-load bearing brick walls or facades.

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