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on road dump trucks

Below are some specifications regarding On Road Dump Trucks. These are approximations based on industry standards but can vary based on many factors: weight rating allowed, company expectations, truck manufacturer specifications, etc.

Dump Trucks typically require diesel fuel and have aluminum or steel beds/boxes. Steel beds are known to be stronger and hence more conducive to wear and tear particularly in terms of hauling heavy duty materials, i.e. larger aggregate, concrete, etc. This type of hauling is often referred to as ‘Rough Hauling’.

A dump truck bed’s weight carrying ability is often not limited by capacity but it’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (driven by number of axles under the bed) and local/state/city/county road and bridge maximum weight ratings.

Below is an approximation of standard dump truck axle designation, bed size, bed capacity, and common weight rating. This chart is general in nature and can vary widely depending on numerous factors.

Single Axle

Double Axle

Tri Axle

Quadruple Axle

Quinn Axle


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