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ridge vents

Ridge vents are a static vent system with no moving parts that works in tandem with soffit vents. The ridge vent will run the whole length of the roof’s ridge and air will rise up through the soffit venting through the top of the roof. Ridge vents are utilized for the following reasons:

-cool/ventilate the attic during warm months (which can lower cooling costs) 

-reduce dampness/moisture in the attic which promotes an overall cleaner/helthier environment

-prevent ice dams in the winter months

-help prevent mildew and rot under the shingles (often a shingle warranty requirement which also promote their life span)

Standard semi-rigid ridge vents come in 48″ pieces. 11″ or 13-3/4″ widths are most common for residential and light commercial applications and are typically nailed with 2-1/2″ galvanized roofing nails every other shingle.


A chalk line is typically snapped, the ridge vent is attached all the way down the roof on the chalk-line edge, then the opposite side is attached. 


‘Low-profile’ or lighter duty ridge vent is also available in rolls of 20′ typical.

Extruded or bent aluminum ridge vent is also available for shingle roofs, often sold in 8 or 10 foot pieces.

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