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rock channel protection

Rock Channel Protection is large ‘Rip Rap’ rock that is placed along a channel for erosion resistance while still allowing for stormwater runoff. It is typically underlain with fabric or aggregate bedding material to filter sediment and reduce erosion underneath the rocks.  It’s primary use is for conveying runoff in areas where there is considerable water flow whos erosion impact could not be managed with vegetated swales. It’s also typical in the following applications: steep grades, concentrated water flow from piping outlet, potential for vehicle damage or animals making vegetation establishment difficult.

The aggregate specified will depend on the application, geography, and the areas to be protected. But there are typically 4 classes of rock sizes specified, ranging from 3-12”, 6”-18, 12”-24”, or 18”-30”. For rock material sizes within the first 2 ranges, a 2 man crew is typically assigned with an operator and a laborer. The piece of equipment required will typically be a backhoe or small to medium sized excavator. For the larger 2 rock size ranges , the crew may require 2 operators and a laborer.

The equipment required will be 2 large excavators or a large excavator and a loader. It is common for a filter fabric to be placed underneath the rock to keep the soil from pumping and to minimize erosion.

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