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steel pipe bollards

A steel pipe bollard refers to a hollow pipe placed in a concrete foundation and filled with concrete, for the purpose of protecting buildings, fences, dumpsters, etc from unruly traffic and equipment. Bollards can come in black steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, among other specialty material types. A standard size for a steel pipe bollard is 6″ diameter by 7′ length, with 3′ buried and 4′ abovew grade, but numerous sizes are available.

An efficient installation approach is to use an auger attachment on a skidsteer, backhoe, or excavator to excavate a hole for the foundation. The bollard is placed in the hole, the hole is filled with concrete, the bollard is plumbed, braced, and concrete is filled inside the bollard. Once the concrete sets up the bollard will act as a barrier for a structure from unintended traffic accidents.

Specialty and decorative pipe bollard options are also available in flushmounted, square, retractable, removable, lighted, aluminum and stainless steel to name a few. Also plastic sleeves are available which are sized by the bollard and slip over the top of the bollard for a custom color and aesthetic look.

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