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truss anchors


Truss Anchors are used to strap down wood or metal trusses to the top of the structure on which they are bearing, weather it be a masonry wall, wood stud wall, or other. Truss Anchors can be utilized at the end bearing points near the eaves or at intermediate points along the span. The purpose of the truss anchors is to tie-down the trusses from movement and to resist seismic and wind forces.

The primary type of truss anchor is also referred to as a girder tie-down which is placed at the eave bearing end and is used to transfer wind and seismic loads to the walls below and to keep trusses from uplifting.


Typical gauges start at 18 and can go as low as 12 depending on the size and ply of the trusses being anchored. The truss will be anchored with nails, powder driven fasteners, or masonry anchors.

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